Top Anti-inflammatory foods to keep ageing at bay.

What we put in our bodies is as much to blame as what we put on our skin in the fight against inflammaging , so here are some top foods to fight inflammation in our bodies.


We knew this had to be at the top of our list , blueberries ARE the orginal superfood , they contain Resveratrol which is known for its anti-ageing benefits along with vitamin c , vitamin K and copper and pack a super anti-inflammatory punch hence why we use it in our Beauty Sleep Elixir !!


Green tea is always on the list of top anti-inflammatories whether it be in your skincare or sipping on a delicious brew, full of polyphenols it helps to promote healthy skin cells and inhibit inflammation in the body , drink it and use it in your skin care for beauty inside and out.


We love avocado and you should be including it in your diet , it is full of magnesium , fiber and potassium and high in vitamins A,C and E a must for any anti-inflammatory diet.

Avocado oil is also a great makeup remover and the green flesh makes a fantastic homemade face pack.


Salmon contains the most amount of omega 3 than any other fish product , eating a diet rich in omega three has been shown to reduce inflammation and is good for the heart and keep cholesterol in check , as for your skincare we dont want to be rubbing salmon all over our faces so we can get skin loving omega 3 from lots of different plant oils includng cranberry which has a balance of 3 , 6 and 9 fatty acids perfect for skin to drink up.


Srawberries get overlooked in the berry world , heavens knows why they are utterly delicious and full of anti-oxidants and skin loving vitamin c , they are high in fibre and low in calories and of course help reduce inflammation. In skincare strawberries are fantastic at evening skin tone and due to its high vitamin A content are a natural ani-inrritant substitute to Retinol which can irritate and inflame skin, a BIG no no in our eyes.

Rosehip lovers try strawberry oil as it sinks deeper and quicker and smells good enough to eat!!