Strobing the new Contouring

Strobing is the new contour! Find out how to get the look

Are you looking for a technique to revolutionize your make-up? If you follow You Tube beauty gurus or Instagram make-up bloggers then you may have heard of a new beauty trend called strobing. Strobing is a new beauty technique and trend for make-up in 2015. It is similar to contouring in the way that it is supposed to help sculpt and shape your face. Unlike contouring, the look is more of a glowy and dewy finish rather than the look of heavy matte products. We found out more about the new technique and how to achieve the look.

What is the strobing technique?

The strobing makeup technique is used to shape the face and bring attention to certain areas, much like contouring. However it uses techniques which are very different to contouring. Strobing relies solely on highlighters and natural light to define your face and radiate a more youthful and natural look. Contouring, on the other hand, requires the use of multiple products such as matte brown powders, light concealers and yellow banana powders such as the ones by Anastasia Beverley Hills.

This makes strobing a much simpler and more attractive option. It consists of applying a highlight where the natural light hits. This includes cheekbones, brows, nose and chin too. Where contouring often leaves a matte finish, strobing delivers a shimmery and dewy effect if the right products are used.

Not all about make-up

The best way to get a dewy look is not always through using make-up products either. Skincare is also extremely important. After all, your make-up is only ever going to look as good as the canvas underneath. You would not begin a work of art on a bumpy piece of paper. Therefore to get the most out of your shimmery highlighters, it is important to get a smooth base.

Beauty Sleep Elixir is the perfect base for Strobing as it gives next level glow ready for highlighting. It contains 14 precious plant oils which work together to give you perfectly smooth skin.It will soothe and smooth the skin and is packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory that counteracts irritation and any inflammation.

When this skin care is used in conjunction with your normal make-up routine (and strobing technique too!) you will get the perfect glowing finish.