How natural skincare could be the answer to your acne problems

When you think of acne, most of us are likely to have visuals of teenagers with spot ridden skin. However, it seems that acne doesn’t have an age preference. In fact, many of us, no matter our age can find ourselves with more than just a few blemishes.

There are a variety of different products out there that are designed to tackle spots in all their forms. However, here at Beuti Skincare, we believe that natural organic skincare is the way to go.

Facial oils in particular are known to really offer a great option for those that are looking for anti-inflammatory skincare. But what ones should you opt for, and why are they such a good idea?

Chia Seed Oil
We all love a powerful seed when it comes to natural skincare, so it comes as no surprise that chia seed oil has become all the more popular of late. The reason for this is because it is absolutely packed full of saturated fatty acids, which make sure that the membrane of your skin is healthy, but that any free radicals face a bit of a fight to have an impact.

Lavender Oil
When you think of Lavender then chances are that you think of those slightly older ladies using it as their fragrance of choice. However, lavender is also a great oil to pop on your skin if you are prone to acne. Just a dab of this oil can work wonders to banish blemishes. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to fight any bacteria build up on the skin that leads to inflammation and acne.

Cranberry Seed Oil
Cranberry juice is recommended for those that suffer with reoccurring water infections, thanks to their antioxidant properties. But they are not only great to eat or drink, they are great for your skin in oil form too. If the antioxidants weren’t enough to tempt you into trying it for yourself, it also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which help your skin to absorb all those delicious nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins too!

Sandalwood Oil
Often used as a fragrance, Sandalwood may not be something that you instantly think of when it comes to skincare. However, this oil taken from trees is great for soothing skin that is inflamed or blemished. It also doesn’t dry out your skin, which is important for those who have combination skin to worry about.

So, now you know, facial oils might be the best idea for those that are searching for anti-inflammatory skincare. Why not check out the natural organic skincare products that we have on our online store her at Beuti Skincare? We are sure to have the perfect product for you and for your skin too!