Five reasons to start using a facial oil.

The idea of putting oil on your face is still taboo to many. After years of being told that oil is the enemy to those seeking clean, clear skin, the thought of slathering it on in pursuit of the perfect complexion might seem downright alien. But fear not – beauty oils are all the rage, and they come with some incredible benefits.

If you’re looking for a way to even your skin tone, smooth out skin texture, minimize wrinkles and reduce blemishes (to name but a few things facial oil promises) – look no further!

It goes without saying that not all beauty oils are created equal. Beuti Sleep Elixir is one of the best facial oils on the market, trusted by the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge to help keep her skin glowing and youthful. We can’t argue with that sort of Royal endorsement!

Not convinced? Read on to discover the top five reasons to switch up your beauty routine by investing in a beauty oil of your very own…

Banishing Blemishes

We’ve all heard the myth that says we should be taking oil away from our skin, not adding to it. But oil is actually the body’s way of telling you it’s thirsty and needs more moisture – and nothing treats dry skin quite like a facial oil. While a traditional, cream-based moisturiser can clog pores, skin oil is luxurious, healing and moisturising without causing pores to overload. This helps prevent blemishes and imperfections before they can begin. By applying a facial oil with skin friendly, natural beauty enhancing ingredients, you can be sure of truly purifying your skin – not just masking existing problems.

Reducing Wrinkles

Free radicals and ultraviolet light work overtime to try and ravage your skin, causing wrinkles and sunspots to develop over time. Facial oils rich in Vitamin E and other essential skin-loving ingredients, such as Beuti Sleep Elixir, work miracles on sun damage, as well as halting further problems from developing before they have a chance to start. What’s not to love about that?

Locking In Moisture

Harsh chemicals, extremes in temperature and the many pollutants we encounter in everyday life can all begin to strip the skin of essential moisture. No moisturiser works quite as hard as a good facial oil to repair and treat this damage. Instead of simply sitting on the top layer of skin, facial oils penetrate deeper to ensure all the goodness they contain gets where it’s really needed – helping to keep skin soft, supple and smooth.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Facial oils are absorbed far more easily within the lipid layer of the skin than their cream or lotion-based counterparts, meaning a little goes a long way. The components in oil-based natural beauty products allow for plenty of super ingredients to be packed tightly within the same formulation, so a small bottle will last far longer than the same amount of cream or lotion. Great news for your budget as well as your skin!

Quick and Simple Application

Beuti Sleep Elixir couldn’t be easier to apply. Gently dab the oil onto your skin, avoiding getting it into your eyes. Massaging the product in boosts circulation and increases formulation effectiveness. Work from the centre of your face in gentle outward motions, ensuring a smooth and thorough application. Catch up on some sleep while this wonder oil gets to work –waking up to thoroughly replenished and rejuvenated, beautiful skin the next day!