Dry Skin Saviour’s

With winter in full force here in the UK , blistering winds and ravaging central heating certainly take their toll on our skin , even oily skins are prone to dryness with this kind of bombardment but what can we do ?

Whether your in a cold climate or warm , central heating and air con all dry out our skin leaving it dull , dry and irritated , our advise ? Keep it simple .

Whilst nursing your skin back to better days stick with a simple routine to minimise skin stress .

Bombarding our skin with layer upon layer of ingredients may seem like a great idea and what all the latest beauty Magazines and blogs suggest , if your skin is already irritated and dry the only solution is too take it down a notch or too .

Step 1 .


yes its sounds simple but water really is a skins best friend , if your skin is dry and dull before trying anything else DRINK , DRINK, DRINK , it will improve your skin by a clear mile.

Step 2

Do not use a skin stripping cleanser , instead switch ( if you haven’t already ) to a balm to oil cleanser , its the most nourishing cleanser when you have dry skin even beating an oil cleanser due to its use of oils and butters.

Do not use coconut oil , despite this being super popular it actually can clog pores and dry skin out further , we recommended only using coconut oil on the body and hair.

Step 3

Step away from the acids ! Just for now until normal skin behaviour has returned or use a mild acid such as Salicylic acid as it is far less drying and make sure it does not contain alcohol which will dry skin even more.

Step 4

Use a face oil overnight and daily to maximise hydration .

Use more overnight and let it sink into the skin , you will wake with plump dewy skin but don’t forget to apply more after cleansing until skin is back to normal or continue with this routine if it works with your skin type , in fact using oils for all skin types is a must as it nourishes dry skin and regulates oily skin , it is a MUST HAVE in your skin care routine .

Try our elixir overnight and see the results for yourself , even royalty cant get enough !