Anti Inflammaging


Inflammaging is a process that is caused by chronic inflammation and this is not just the redness and irritation we see on the surface of
the skin but the underlying damage we do not see. It is this very underlying inflammation that causes collagen and elastin degredation
and a breakdown of the skin’s barrier function.

Yes whilst we all need our bodies to respond to cellular aggression and injury but after a wound or cell has been healed the resulting scar
tissue is more vunerable to injury than the original tissue. Science now shows that repeated injury leads to the chronic state of
inflammation now known as inflammaging.

So called anti ageing treatments may even cause an onset of inflammaging due to the harsh nature of the treatment such as laser or
acids.Take for instance treatments involving trauma to the skin to cause more collagen production , the skin does in fact produce more
collagen as the final stage of healing but this results in weakend and vunerable tissue and further trauma results in inflammaging.

Inflammaging is also the cause of skin sagging and reduced collagen production due to it destroying the balance of enzymes in our skins barrier.

The good news is this can all be prevented and even reversed with the use of topical products containing correct amounts of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories to reinforce the skins barrier function and anti-oxidnt levels.

Of course SPF is also a must in skincare as sun also causes inflammation and inflammaging.

Avoiding chemical laden products also help with the fight in inflammaging as these do not nourish and protect skin but instead irritate and cause inflammation.

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