5 top tips for glowing skin

We all crave that luminous glow , it boosts our confidence and keeps us looking our best but its not always possible to achieve without some help from our makeup, so how can we boost our natural glow ?

  1. We have all heard it before but it is 100% the number one way to boost our glow and that is WATER WATER WATER , drink at least 8 pint glasses a day to really boost glow and hydration , it will also help those pesky fine lines as dry skin tends to show more lines.
  2. Get your daily dose of anti-oxidants . Eat fresh Veg and Fruit , citrus is very good for the vitamin C content but there are plenty of fruit and Veg with high Vitamin C content , Camu Camu powder is a great addition to add to smoothies and drinks as it has the highest vitamin C of any other fruit or Veg , and make sure your skincare is packed with anti-oxidants , you shouldn’t be spending a fortune on products that only contain 1 or 2 .
  3. Be careful of using acids on a daily basis , I know this goes against most advice but it is the wrong advice , chemicals such as glycolic acids and Retinol used to much actually thins the skin and will eventually leave it dull and aged exactly the opposite of what is recommended , occasional use of these if you must is best , glyoclic acids is small in size and penetrates deep into the under layers of skin helping renew but too much over use can cause thinning skin we would avoid if possible and use natural alternatives such as products with natural cane sugar which is where the chemical version is made from , or use less irritating acids such as lactic acids or use a simply jar of raw honey for a quick at home face mask it is both hydrating and exfoliating.
  4. Exfoliate , but like with acids do not overdo it , we recommend using safe acids and honey or a natural physical exfoliant such as apricot power , this will help your skin glow as ridding the skin of dead skin cells is a must for glowing skin.
  5. Moisturise and protect your skin with spf daily , the sun takes it toll on our skin , we think its best to go no lower than spf 30 , try using a natural spf like Zinc as it is best for the skin , also use your elixir daily , nightly or both to keep skin healthy and moisturised , you can also use your elixir under makeup using 1 pump to allow for makeup application , this will keep your skin moisturised all day and wont slip your makeup providing you use a small amount , at night we like to use 3 pumps to really wake up with a nice plump glowing complexion